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Dental insurance and dental savings plans

a range of options to improve the overall value of the benefit plan for any budget level

Revised 11/3/2015

Permanent renewable dental coverage is meant to provide protection over the long term; enroll as early as possible or at least one year before major dental expenses are likely to be needed. 

Dental insurance is only effective as a long term financial strategy. Individual consumers tend to shop for dental insurance immediately before scheduling a major dental treatment. This is not an effective financial strategy because the insurance is designed to prevent incurrence of major claims shortly after the start of coverage. Benefits increase over time to encourage members to keep the insurance in force permanently.

Coverage is typically divided into four categories:

  • Preventative - cleanings and check-ups, benefits are usually available immediately
  • Basic - fillings, benefits are usually after the policy has been in force for 6 months
  • Major - root canals, crowns and bridges, benefits are usually available after the policy has been in force for 12 months
  • Orthodontic - may be offered as an optional coverage, benefits are usually available after the policy has been in force for 24 months.

Each category may be subject to its own coverage rules including deductible and co-payment details. The overall maximum coverage benefit per person is typically limited to $1,000 to $2,000 per year.

Dental insurance uses a defined benefit schedule so that the benefits that can be paid to any dentist. There is no need to use a network provider but your cost may be lower when using a network provider. It is up to each dentist to decide whether they accept payment directly from the insurance company or if you must submit the claim and pay the provider. Premium cost averages about $35 per month for single coverage and about $65 per month for family / vision / hearing insurance

The most popular dental insurance for individuals and families is Core Dental Insurance insured by Ameritas Group and administered by SASID. This is the only dental insurance offered to individuals and families that does not require a waiting period before coverage is available for major dental services. This plan is available in most areas in the U.S. and is one of the few that does not include a waiting period to access benefits.

The next most popular dental insurance plans at Freedom Benefits Secure Dental One insured by Stanard Security Life Insurance Company. Pricing and enrollment are handled online. Policies are issued immediately and benefit packages are mailed within a few days.

Dental discount plans or dental savings plans are not insurance but offer a viable alternative to dental insurance and typically offer a higher dollar benefit (in terms of savings) in relation to the cost of enrollment in these plans. In many cases dental savings plans offer more "bang for the buck" in terms of cost savings in proportion to expense of the product offered.

 See Careington Savings Plans - the nation's leader in discount dental plans - for more information on a wide range of dental, vision, telemedicine and other non-insurance plans.


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