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American Health Shield Dental
Atlas Medical Insurance
Atlas Medical Professional Insurance
Azimuth Beacon Series / Lloyds International Travel Medical Insurance
Azimuth Meridian / Lloyds worldwide major medical insurance
Basic Health Insurance
Careington PPO discount plan
Celtic Basic Health Insurance
Celtic Insurance individual major medical insurance
CelticSaver Health Savings Account insurance
Citizen Secure Economy Insurance
Citizen Secure Insurance
Consumers Direct Accident Medical Benefit Expense from Zurich American Insurance
Consumers Direct Critical Illness Benefit Expense from Zurich American Insurance
Core Dental Insurance
Core Health Insurance
Core Health Plus
Deductible Supplement Insurance
Dental Vision and Hearing Insurance from United Commercial Travelers of America
Disciple Missionary Medical Insurance
Drug Card America
GEO Group Insurance
Global Crew Medical Insurance
Global Medical Insurance
HCC Life Short Term Medical Insurance
IMG Patriot Insurance
Inbound Immigrant Insurance
International Term Life Insurance
International Marine Medical Insurance
Liaison Continent Travel Insurance
Liaison International Insurance
Liaison Majestic Insurance
Liaison Student Insurance
Multinational Accident Insurance
Overseas Travel Medical Insurance
Patriot Exchange Program
Patriot Executive Travel Medical Insurance
Patriot Extreme Insurance
Patriot Green Travel Medical Insurance
Patriot Group Exchange Program
Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance
Patriot Travel Medical Insurance
Patriot Trip Student Insurance
Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan
Protection Upgrade
Qualified Health Plan Supplement Insurance
RESIDE Prime Worldwide Medical Insurance
RESIDE Worldwide Medical Insurance
Roundtrip Insurance
Rx Pay Card
Secure 12X3 short term medical insurance
Secure DentalOne
Secure Lite short term medical insurance
Secure Saver short term medical insurance
Secure short term medical insurance
Simple short term medical insurance
Sky Rescue Insurance
Smart Accident Insurance
Smart term life insurance
Smart short term medical insurance
Student Health Advantage
Student Secure Insurance
UCT dental/vision/hearing
UnitedHealthcare Insurance
Value 24 Hour Accident Insurance
Value Access Guarantee
Value Emergency insurance
Value Medical Insurance
Value Hospital Insurance


Accident insurance
Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)
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Guaranteed issue
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Health Savings Account (HSA)
High deductible policies
Immigrant insurance
Individual coverage
International coverage
Life insurance
Major Medical insurance
Mini-med insurance
OnlineNavigator program
Pre-existing condition
Prescription coverage
Small business plans
Supplemental insurance
Temporary insurance
Travel insurance


Authorization for Freedom Benefits health insurance advocate, agent or navigator (PDF)
First American Bank Health Savings Account application
Sample Proof of Coverage Letter for international VISA (PDF)

Press Releases

Affordable Insurance Exchanges: more choices, competition and clout
Private insurance exchanges will flourish per AHIP panel
California Insurance Department urges Anthem Blue Shield members to shop around for more insurance exchange
Changes to International Medical Insurance May 2012
Cost of health reforms could be higher than expected
Health care pricing report - 2012
Freedom Benefits announces record enrollments in January 2010
Freedom Benefits reaction to the Supreme Court decision
IHC health insurance products for 2016
Lloyd's of London now requires a U.S. address
Student health plan support needed as choices expand
UnitedHealthOne announces new rating system

Diabetes fact sheets

Alabama insurance for diabetics
Alaska insurance for diabetics
Arizona insurance for diabetics
Arkansas insurance for diabetics
California insurance for diabetics
Colorado insurance for diabetics
Connecticut insurance exchange
DC insurance for diabetics
Delaware insurance for diabetics
Florida insurance for diabetics
Georgia insurance for diabetics
Hawaii insurance for diabetics
Iowa insurance for diabetics
Idaho insurance for diabetics
Illinois insurance for diabetics
Indiana insurance for diabetics
Kansas insurance for diabetics
Kentucky insurance for diabetics
Louisiana insurance for diabetics
Maine insurance for diabetics
Maryland insurance for diabetics
Massachusetts insurance for diabetics
Michigan insurance for diabetics
Minnesota insurance for diabetics
Mississippi insurance for diabetics
Missouri insurance for diabetics
Montana insurance for diabetics
Nebraska insurance for diabetics
Nevada insurance for diabetics
New Jersey insurance for diabetics
New Hampshire insurance for diabetics
New Mexico insurance for diabetics
New York insurance for diabetics
North Carolina insurance for diabetics
North Dakota insurance for diabetics
Ohio insurance for diabetics
Oklahoma insurance for diabetics
Oregon insurance for diabetics
Pennsylvania insurance for diabetics
Rhode Island insurance for diabetics
South Carolina insurance for diabetics
South Dakota insurance for diabetics
Tennessee insurance for diabetics
Texas insurance for diabetics
Utah insurance for diabetics
Vermont insurance for diabetics
Virginia insurance for diabetics
Washington insurance for diabetics
West Virginia insurance for diabetics
Wisconsin insurance for diabetics
Wyoming insurance for diabetics

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Health insurance company profiles

American Medical Security Life Insurance Company
Ameritas Group
Assurant Health
Boston Medical Center Health Plan
Celtic Insurance Company
CeltiCare Health Plan of Massachusetts
Cigna Healthcare of Massachusetts
Companion Life Insurance Company
Connecticare of Massachusetts
Delos Insurance Company
Fallon Community Health Plan
Federal Insurance Company
Golden Rule Health Insurance Company
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company
Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan
HCC Life Insurance Company
Health New England
HSBC Insurance
Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania
Lloyd's London
Markel Insurance
Neighborhood Health Plan
Nationwide Insurance
Oxford Health Plans
PacifiCare Health Plans
Presidential Life Insurance Company
Renaissance Life Insurance Company
Sirius International Life and Health Insurance Company of America
Standard Security Life Insurance Company
State Farm Insurance
Tuft's Associated HMO
United Commercial Travelers of America
United Security Assurance
United States Fire Insurance Company

Benefit Plan Administrators

Azimuth Risk Solutions, LLC
HCC Insurance Services
IHC Health Solutions
Multinational Underwriters

State Insurance Exchange News

Alabama insurance exchange
Alaska insurance exchange
Arizona insurance exchange
Arkansas insurance exchange
California insurance exchange
Colorado insurance exchange
Connecticut insurance exchange
District of Columbia insurance exchange
Delaware insurance exchange
Florida insurance exchange
Georgia insurance exchange
Hawaii insurance exchange
Iowa insurance exchange
Idaho insurance exchange
Illinois insurance exchange
Indiana insurance exchange
Kansas insurance exchange
Kentucky insurance exchange
Louisiana insurance exchange
Maine insurance exchange
Maryland insurance exchange
Massachusetts insurance exchange
Michigan insurance exchange
Minnesota insurance exchange
Mississippi insurance exchange
Missouri insurance exchange
Montana insurance exchange
Nebraska insurance exchange
Nevada insurance exchange
New Jersey insurance exchange
New Hampshire insurance exchange
New Mexico insurance exchange
New York insurance exchange
North Carolina insurance exchange
North Dakota insurance exchange
Ohio insurance exchange
Oklahoma insurance exchange
Oregon insurance exchange
Pennsylvania insurance exchange
Rhode Island insurance exchange
South Carolina insurance exchange
South Dakota insurance exchange
Tennessee insurance exchange
Texas insurance exchange
Utah insurance exchange
Vermont insurance exchange
Virginia insurance exchange
Washington insurance exchange
West Virginia insurance exchange
Wisconsin insurance exchange
Wyoming insurance exchange


15 Things you did not know about health reform law
15 Tips for answering medical questions on insurance applications
Affordable Care Act restricts pay to insurance executives
Availability of popular low cost health insurance
Best Rated HMO Health Plans
Business Model for the Insurance Exchange
California PCIP alternatives
CallMD introduction
Changes to Core Health Insurance
Changing a health insurance beneficiary
Changing needs of health insurance shoppers
Checklist of health insurance cost saving strategies
Chiropractic care under the Affordable Care Act
Consumer health reform timeline
Choose the right short term medical insurance
Core Health Insurance in New York
Core Health Insurance News
Core Health Insurance Revisited
Core Health Value Plan review
Core Health Silver Plan review
Core Health Gold Plan review
Core Health Platinum Plan review
Core Plus Physician Plan review
Core Plus Value Plan review
Core Plus Gold Plan review
Core Plus Platinum Plan review
Demand soars ahead of closing
Dental insurance for seniors
Details of Drug Card America
Does Core Health Insurance cover prescription drugs?
Dos and Don'ts for small business HRAs
Effects of Minimum Loss Ratio Regulation
Eligibility for Markel Smart Short Term Medical Insurance
Embracing the insurance exchange
Feds warm up to mini-med plans
Five ways to save on small business health insurance costs
Frequently Asked Questions about American Health Shield dental insurance
Future of Core Health Insurance
Health care reform summary
Health insurance complaint trends
Health insurance for diabetics
Health insurance for free agents and independent contractors
Health insurance for international students
Health insurance for U.S. immigrants
Health insurance reform is happening now
Health insurance tax credit update
Health insurance without a physical exam
Healthy Texas cost sharing accounts
Healthy Texas, Advantages and Disadvantages
Five Strategies for cutting small business health insurance costs
Health reform for American women
Health reform for rural Americans
Health reform timeline
Healthy Texas Alternatives
High risk health insurance
Highest rated US health plans
How to handle a shockingly high health insurance premium increase
How to legally bypass Obamacare
Inbound Immigrant sample certificate of coverage
International Medical Group changes July 2011
Largest small business health insurance companies
Largest U.S. Health Insurance Companies
Left out by Obamacare: shore your story?
Make health care reform work for you
Managing insurance under health care reform
Markel Smart Short Term Medical Insurance details
Massachusetts students fear higher health insurance costs
Medical tourism vs. medical insurance tourism
Minimum Loss Ratio Regulation for 2011
Navigators listed state-by-state
Needle stick coverage for medical and nursing school students
Pros and Cons of Healthy Texas insurance
Protect yourself from winter weather hazards
Self-funded health plans for small businesses
Short term health insurance in Washington state
Short term health insurance vs. major medical insurance
Short term medical insurance statistics
Short term life insurance
Sources of health insurance in Georgia
State Children's Health Insurance Plans
State-by-state listing of health insurance exchange news and resources
Student health insurance after reform
Supplemental health insurance
Supplemental insurance with a Health Savings Account
Taxation of reimbursements for individual health insurance purchased through an exchange
Ten easy ways to save on health insurance
Top ten medical conditions
United Stated Fire Insurance Company Core Health Insurance enrollment
University of Pennsylvania health insurance requirements
What consumers want from their health insurance
What day of the month does health insurance coverage begin?
What's behind rising student health insurance rates?
Which Secure short term medical insurance is right for me?
White House announces Golden Rule Insurance rebates

OnlineAdviser forum

Selected health insurance questions and answers from OnlineAdviser

Research and reference material

Annotated copy of Booz&Co. 2011 report on health insurance
Annotated copy of Booz&Co. March 2011 report on business models for health plans
Freedom Benefits trademark


Short term medical insurance blog

Universal health insurance blog

June 2012
What is Healthy Texas insurance?
Court clarifies definition of “Home Address” in health insurance; helps make financial planning decisions easier
First glimpse of health reform after the Supreme Court ruling
Learning to live with universal coverage
Ehealth steps up efforts to access China’s health insurance market on eve of Supreme Court ruling
More on financial impact of cancer
New Iowa insurance law gives short notice for navigator licensing
No health insurance exchange in New Jersey; at least for now
May 2012
Liaison Continent Benefit Changes on May 30, 2012
“New and improved” OnlineNavigator service launched
Consumers criticize the first health insurance rebates triggered by Obamacare. Surprise response: “Keep the money”
Illinois cuts $50 million from health and dental plans for low income residents
Critical illness insurance now available in South Carolina
Obama administration: Proposals for exchanges due November 16
PHCS is replaced by Cigna PPO
The real health care reform effort begins this month in Massachusetts
Health Savings Account Limits for 2013
Freedom Benefits welcomes NFIB endorsement of defined contribution health insurance Options
April 2012
UnitedHealthOne is stronger than ever
Seven Corners updates international medical insurance for May 2012
What you didn’t know about emergency oral surgery
UnitedHealthOne announces new rating classes
Don’t kill the legislative process with the individual mandate
Amount of guaranteed issue life insurance is dependent on group size
Philadelphia Inquirer backs popular misconception about health insurance claims
March 2012
How to handle the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act
eHealth, Inc. prepares for expansion into insurance exchange environment
A French perspective on U.S. health care system
Small chance that health reform being overturned / Protecting Access to Healthcare Act (PATH) won’t fly either
Health insurance exchange regulations are favorable to immigrants
Health insurance is just one concern when relocating an expatriates’ parents to the U.S.
Improved U.S. health care with disastrous financial consequences
J.D. Power study turns up surprising interest in commercial health insurance exchanges
HHS looks to possibilities of working with private insurance exchanges
Employee Benefits Trends Study from MetLife
Interest groups are making contingency plans in the event the individual mandate is overturned
The sickest Americans use an overwhelming portion of nation’s total heath care costs
Oklahoma halts plan for insurance exchange
Health exchange update
Consumers caught in the middle of drug marketing war
Hospitals expected to grow through consolidation and acquisitions
February 2012
FAQs on Pre-existing Condition Insurance Program Broker Referral Payment Program
Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) by the numbers
Small business HRA plan compliance risks?

Why are the insurance companies winning the battle for health care reform?
Colorado puts the clamps on individual health insurance
The future of health insurance
Labor Day travel insurance support is limited
“Amigo Medical” is now “HCC Life short term medical”
Medical care by telephone can reduce costs
REALTORS Association offers health plan
Women in healthcare leadership
UnitedHealthcare lowers insurance rates in 20 states
Details of REALTOR health insurance plan
Canadian reader comments on US health care reform
Celtic Insurance Company is not CeltiCare of MA
“Rejects only” health insurance
“Basic Health Insurance” vs. “basic health insurance”
Swiss style universal health insurance
Value Medical Insurance announced improvements
AFLAC profits fuel argument for health insurance regulation
Immigrants more likely to buy commercial health insurance
Looking past the health care reform legislation
Economic Policy Institute reports “no brainer” health insurance trends
California’s first PPO report card gets off to a slow start
Government takeover of health costs happening sooner than expected
Understanding COBRA Health Coverage

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