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Key Data:
Address: 70 Pine Street New York, NY 10270
Phone: 212-770-7000
A.M. Best Company Rating: A (Excellent)
Size: $1.6 billion total annual premiums
Parent Company is American International Group  (NYSE: AIG).
The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania

Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania

The Company is part of the AIG holding company structure which includes insurance companies, management companies, agencies and other enterprises doing business in all states of the United States, including the District of Columbia and around the world. 

This company underwrites Inbound Immigrant Insurance (the most popular brand of insurance in this category), Liaison Traveler Benefit Program, Liaison Majestic travel insurance, Liaison Silver travel medical insurance, Liaison Student international medical insurance, and Disciple Missionary Medical Insurance.

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9/16/09 Inbound Immigrant Insurance grabs headlines as Congress debates immigration reform an health care reform. See "Finding Health Insurance for U.S. Immigrants".

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