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Privacy policy

This is a summary of privacy information applicable to financial advisory services including the OnlineAdviser & OnlineNavigator support that may be available free of charge.

Name, E-mail address, State and Zip code are the minimum identification information required for the use of any OnlineAdviser or OnlineNavigator service.

Any other personal information you may provide is voluntary. In general, the more information you provide in communications with your adviser the better the quality of the advice you adviser may provide.

Your personal information is used only by the adviser to provide direct personal support and advice and is not provided to any other person or company without your specific consent.

Our complete privacy policy is available here.


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persnal help with health insuranceFreedom Benefits is pleased to offer fast, affordable, personal and professional support for any health insurance exchange or benefits related issue through independent Bankrate Insurance agents or OnlineNavigator adviser service.

Our intent is to offer the best combination of personalized service - either free email support or paid telephone help when necessary - that best addresses your unique situation. Please send us your questions and we'll either direct you to free self-serve resources or invite you to schedule a telephone call with an adviser. 

How can we help?

This form is designed to help us learn a little more about your situation and how we might be able to help. Only your name, state of residence and email address are required. All other information requested is voluntary but helps us provide better service.
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Health Insurance Screening
Health care and insurance planning should be integrated with other fundamental personal financial planning considerations. Please help us better understand your unique situation by checking those items that apply in this quick 20 point checklist that may help us with your personal health insurance planning:

HEALTHY / COVERAGE JUST "IN CASE" - I do not expect any large medical expenses in my immediate family the foreseeable future but primarily want insurance coverage to protect from unexpected catastrophic medical expenses.

EXPECTED HIGH MEDICAL EXPENSES - I am concerned that the medical bills expected to accrue for myself or my dependents may pose a major financial struggle over the next year.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION WITH ONGOING MEDICAL EXPENSES - I now have unpaid medical bills, have had difficulty finding health insurance, have been declined for coverage in the past or had trouble affording insurance that was offered.

COVERAGE GAP - Medical bills over the next year or longer are likely to be more than I can afford to pay without insurance. My primary concern is to find a health plan that will cover the expected bills that I cannot afford to pay.
CONSUMER DRIVEN HEALTH PLAN IN PLACE - I have a Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account or Health Reimbursement Arrangement with a balance that would likely cover most out-of-pocket medical expenses.

ADEQUATE EMERGENCY FUND - I have access to cash and emergency money that could pay a half year's household expenses in an emergency without a paycheck.
CASH FLOW CONCERN - I often struggle to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

LONG TERM HEALTH CARE PLANNING - I have prepared a will, durable power of attorney, letter of instruction and an advance medical care directive.

INSURED INCOME - I have income replacement health insurance that would cover the majority of earned income in the event of sickness or injury.

MAJOR MEDICAL - Everyone in my household is covered by major medical insurance to pay unexpected medical bills.
The working adults in my household have life insurance equal to at least ten years' income.
MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR INSURANCE SUBSIDY - My annual household income is under $65,000.
INSURANCE NOT SUBSIDIZED - My annual household income is over $150,000.

EMPLOYER-PROVIDED COVERAGE - Most of my insurance benefits are provided through an employer's benefit plan.

AFTER-TAX PAYMENT OF INSURANCE - I pay for some supplemental benefits or insurance on my own outside an employee benefit plan.
TWO-INCOME HOUSEHOLD - My household depends on more than one person's income to cover normal expenses.
I am interested in working with a traditional insurance agent who is paid by the insurance company or I prefer to use an online health insurance exchange where I do not pay for navigator support.
I am interested in hiring and paying for my own independent adviser to handle non-commissioned benefits transactions and health care planning services.

ONLINENAVIGATOR TELEPHONE SUPPORT - I would feel more comfortable scheduling paid telephone support now rather than try the free email support.

REFERRAL AUTHORIZED - I give permission for Freedom Benefits to refer my request to a qualified insurance agent or another navigator if, in the adviser's estimation, that may result in better service for my situation.
I have read and agree to  the terms of service.

Email support

Please use the form below to submit a non-member support request. A registration confirmation response will follow (usually on the same day), then access to email support is available at

Telephone support

Online enrollment for independent support service is available at Registered and paid members may call (800) 609-0683 anytime, however a scheduled appointment is strongly suggested. Same day or next day service is usually available.

Requests are individually reviewed by compensation and benefits planner Tony Novak, CPA, MBA, MT, a National Association of Health Underwriters certified consumer driven health care advise. Novak has been a widely published consumer advocate for health care reform issues for several decades. He now offers affordable personal health care financial planning assistance through Freedom Benefits Association. In the event Novak is not available and you authorize a referral, another professional agent or navigator may offer assistance.


Member of the National Association of Health Underwriters

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