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Does Core Health Insurance cover prescription drugs?

This information is specifically intended for prospective Core Health Insurance members to explain the discount drug card benefit included with the plan.

Core Health Insurance is a popular limited benefit insurance from United States Fire Insurance Company available in most states that does not cover prescription drugs under the insurance plan. The pairing of the limited benefit insurance with this discount prescription drug card can potentially help plan members save money on prescription drugs.

Drug Card America is a popular discount prescription drug card available nationwide that is available alone as a stand-alone product but is also packaged with Core Health Insurance for use by all of its plan members. DRUG CARD AMERICA IS NOT INSURANCE. 

Discount drug card benefits

A prescription drug discount card may be used to reduce the cash price of almost any prescription drug at almost any pharmacy. The discount is typically about 15% of the cash price but varies depending on location, retailer and specific medication. The information pasted below comes directly from the Drug Card America "welcome letter" produced by the plan sponsor and is reproduced here for the purpose of providing more information in advance for those who might have questions about the discount drug card.1

Pharmacies nationwide have agreed to provide discounts on their medications to people who use this free prescription drug card.

• Uninsured - employed without insurance
    • Insured but have no drug coverage
    • Unemployed
    • Guaranteed acceptable - no medical questions
    • All Ages
    • For your entire family

Drug Card America, is proud to provide you and your family with our FREE pharmacy program. The Drug Card America card may be used at over 45,000 pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains. The Drug Card America Program provides you with the following savings:
1. Generic Prescriptions available at discounts up to 50% off retail prices.
2. Brand prescriptions available at discounts up to 15% off retail prices.

How does the Drug Card America Card work?
The Drug Card America Card is a non-insurance discount card that provides saving solutions for individuals & Families. Our aim is to minimize your "out-of-pocket" expenses for your prescriptions. This program offers up to 50% savings on prescription drugs. The discount fees are honored at participating pharmacy providers.

Who will benefit from the membership?
Member can use the card for his/her personal benefit or the benefits of his/her spouse, dependent children and any permanent resident in the member's household. There is no cost to join, just print off the card and enter your name and birthdates of family members that wish to save on prescriptions.

What savings do I get as a member?
The savings percentages range up to 50%. Best thing to do is test out the card, you have nothing to lose only to gain.

How do I save money?
When you print off the card you are joining a group of other people that need to save on their prescriptions. We pool everyone together and with the power of numbers negotiate discounts on number volume. To save, all you have to do is enroll, print and use at a participating pharmacy.

When can I start using my benefits?
You can start to save instantly. Just print off the card, enter your information (name & birthdates, and give to a participating pharmacy. They will enter you in the system as to belonging to the DrugCardAmerica group. You begin to save immediately.

How do I locate a participating provider in the network?
There are two ways to locate participating providers, You can do an online pharmacy lookup or call customer service at toll free (888) 299-5383.

Is the Drug Card America Card an insurance program?
No. This is not an insurance program. It is simply a way to obtain substantial savings on all of your prescription needs.

Is there a maximum use of the benefits?
No. Unlike insurance, utilization is encouraged because it directs traffic to participating provider locations. You and your family may use the benefits as many times as needed. There are no limitations on usage.

Is there a claim form to fill?
No. There are no claim forms or other paperwork to file. You receive your discount at the time of service and you must pay the provider the discounted amount in full at the time services are rendered.

Is there a pre-existing condition exclusion?
No. Unlike insurance, discount programs do not require personnel for claims adjudication, nor is there a necessity for cash reserves because there is no risk. In exchange for giving a discount, pharmacies join the network so that we will direct traffic to their business.

1 Freedom Benefits does not endorse the language used above to describe Drug Card America. We are not authorized to modify the language presented by the product or to determine whether the language used is in compliance with consumer protection laws governing discount drug cards.

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