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About Us

Freedom Benefits was started in 1995 by Philadelphia-based accountant Tony Novak who operates an online practice under the brand name "OnlineAdviser". Freedom Benefits was intended as a service to help his small business and self employed clients find affordable health insurance using new online insurance exchange and enrollment platforms under the web site named Eventually the service grew to be one of the nation's top four largest online health insurance exchanges doing business in all states and the District of Columbia. We were recognized by Time Insurance (now Assurant) as a leading national producer of short term medical insurance, by Celtic Insurance and as the #1 national producer for Fortis non-insurance discount medical plans in 2003. MedSave was sold to a public company in 2008.

Freedom Benefits re-launched insurance enrollment services in 2010 after expiration of a non-compete agreement. In 2012, during implementation of key individual health insurance provisions of the Affordable Care Act, Freedom Benefits partnered with other larger firms offering national enrollment technologies and individual health insurance enrollment support.

Parallel web sites provided help for small employee business benefit plans and provided employee education about employee benefits. Over the next two decades we eventually served hundreds of thousands of users in every state of the U.S. and even international travelers.

After passage of The Affordable Care Act in 2010, Freedom Benefits focused on providing independent consumer health insurance advice called OnlineNavigator outside of the realm of the government-controlled health insurance exchanges and navigator networks.

Today the health insurance enrollment work is handled by the professional staff at Members Insurance Exchange and other similar services. Now Novak focuses on providing advice about health insurance and health reform on topics that are not adequately covered by other service providers. Tony Novak is occasionally cited in national media as an advocate of consumer choice in health care and insurance. He personally responds to public email, telephone (as time allows) or online inquiries without regard to client relationship. Our Freedom Benefits web site stands as one of the few national resources focused on providing a full range of options and support services for individuals who are not fully served by the reform provisions of Obamacare.

We regret that we do not provide help with Medicare and Medicaid issues or to individuals eligible for these programs. There is just so much information in today's health insurance field that we must limit our area of practice in order to keep up-to-date with the information most relevant to our existing customers.

Insurance Licensing status for Tony Novak, NPN 2048780

Tony Novak is an actively licensed as a life/accident/health insurance producer in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Novak also holds other professional and occupational licenses and certifications in other professionals related to professional advice related to tax, financial and compensation planning. See for more information.

Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Novak is no longer an appointed producer for any insurance company that offers qualified health insurance plans under the provision of the law. Novak has completed training sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for health insurance enrollment assistors.

The listing below is current as of 12/5/2015. Data is provided by ProducerEDGE a service of Sircon, a Vertafore company. (Licensing can be verified on each state's insurance department web site by following the links from the home page to the state page to the Department of Insurance listed on the right side column).

State - License Type - License Number - Expiration Date - Status

 Alabama Producer 153898 07-31-2016 Active

 Alaska Producer 33938 07-03-2016 Active

 Arizona Insurance Professional 82781 07-31-2015 Active

 Arkansas Producer 2048780 07-03-2016 Active

 California Insurance Producer 0C74250 10-31-2017 Active

 Colorado Producer 97864 07-31-2016 Active

 Connecticut Producer 001038221 07-03-2015 Active

 Delaware Producer 0117966 02-28-2017 Active

 District of Columbia Producer 1005827 07-31-2015 Active

 Florida Agent D016619  Active

 Georgia Agent-nonresident 564289 07-31-2016 Active

 Hawaii Producer 317362 07-16-2017 Active

 Idaho Non Resident Producer 72817 07-31-2016 Active

 Illinois Producer 2048780 07-31-2015 Active

 Indiana Producer - Individual 305557N 07-31-2016 Active

 Iowa Producer 2048780 07-31-2015 Active

 Kansas Agent 2048780 07-03-2016 Active

 Kentucky Agent DOI-500974 07-31-2016 Active

 Louisiana Producer 256522  Active

 Maine Producer (Nonresident) PRN64984  Active

 Maryland Producer 131115 07-31-2016 Active

 Massachusetts Individual Producer 1783605 07-03-2017 Active

 Michigan Non Resident Producer 2048780  Active

 Minnesota Producer 20193044 07-31-2015 Active

 Mississippi Insurance Producer 9910359 07-31-2015 Active

 Missouri Producer 271499 09-08-2015 Active

 Montana Producer 44975 07-31-2016 Active

 Nebraska Producer 2048780 07-31-2016 Active

 Nevada Non Res Producer/producer Firm 141952 10-01-2019 Active

 New Hampshire Producer 0365384 07-31-2016 Active

 New Jersey Producer - Individual 9359905 07-31-2015 Active

 New Mexico Agent 10376  Active

 New York Life/accident & Health LA-993688 07-03-2016 Active

 North Carolina Producer 2048780 03-31-2016 Active

 North Dakota Producer 2048780 07-31-2016 Active

 Ohio Major Lines 542662 07-31-2016 Active

 Oklahoma Producer 22706 07-31-2015 Active

 Oregon Producer 2048780 07-31-2015 Active

 Pennsylvania (Resident State) Resident Producer Individual 353821 07-31-2015 Active

 Rhode Island Insurance Producer 1058325 07-31-2016 Active

 South Carolina Producer 118296  Active

 South Dakota Non-resident Producer 3013475 07-31-2015 Active

 Tennessee Producer 816877 07-31-2015 Active

 Texas General Lines Agency/agent 917732 09-10-2015 Active

 Utah Non Resident Producer 119983 07-31-2016 Active

 Vermont Non Res Producer Individual 309436 03-31-2017 Active

 Virginia Producer 542971  Active

 Washington Producer 157124 07-03-2017 Active

 West Virginia Producer 2048780 07-31-2015 Active

 Wisconsin Non-res Inter Individual 2379384 07-31-2015 Active

 Wyoming Non Resident Producer 39830 07-31-2015 Active

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