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Personal help with Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act

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What's New?

March 2015 - Small business employers will benefit from new proposed regulations allowing supplemental insurance for employees covered through the individual insurance exchange.

February 2015  - Affordable help is now available for small business that need to update health reimbursement plans (HRAs) before the June 30 2015 tax penalty deadline.

December 2014 - Deductible Supplement Insurance and Qualified Health Plan Supplement Insurance is now available in most states. OnlineAdviser provides some consumer advice on cancelling unwanted health insurance.

November 2014 - New ACA compliance checklists are available for firms with under 50 employees and 50 or more employees.

October 2014 - Exchange enrollment gears up for 2015 with more sources of personal help for individual applicants

August 2014 - Left out by Obamacare? Share your story or get personal help help options for the uninsured

July 1014 - A new video tutorial "How to find supplemental health insurance".

June 2014 - An updated new Small business health plan checklist is available for free download along with the "Checklist of small business health insurance savings strategies

May 2014 - Millions of Americans still need immediate coverage before 2015 open enrollment

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April 2014 - Guidance for employers on the tax treatment of reimbursements for individual health insurance purchased through an exchange and an article for CPAs advising clients: "I don't have health insurance".

March 2014 - Demand soars ahead of closing of open enrollment at

February 2014 - New data shows that younger people are more likely to use private insurance exchanges

January 2014 - Cover your high deductible and out-of-pocket expenses with affordable immediate issue supplemental coverage from U.S. Fire Insurance Company.

December 2013 - See "How millions of Americans can legally bypass Obamacare" to learn about how to avoid the 2014 tax penalty.

October 2013 - Tony Novak will present New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants webinar for reporters on Nov. 5, Blog post: "Reflections on the first day of federal insurance exchange enrollment". Novak's comments also appeared in The Star Ledger's consumer help column about the new health insurance exchange system.

September 2013 - Health insurance exchange rates for 2014 are now available but enrollment will not begin until October; OnlineNavigator is covered by Yahoo Finance. FB will introduce new free small business HRA, HSA, FSA and other small business plans for 2014 when employees use the Members' insurance exchange to enroll for coverage.

August 2013 - Navigators funded by federal grants for state insurance exchanges are listed. The future of Core Health Insurance covered in this article.

Inbound immigrant insurance
Inbound Immigrant Insurance - our most popular coverage for new U.S. residents offers exceptionally high value
low cost health insurance

Find help with the Affordable Care Act,  Obamacare and supplemental coverage

See primary and supplemental plans available in your state through the state and private commercial insurance exchanges where you live. Then contact a live agent to help select the best plan or ask OnlineNavigator questions about the Affordable Care Act.

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Freedom Benefits empowers individuals to take control of their health insurance

OnlineAdviser help with insurance exchangeOnlineNavigator now offers free personal enrollment support online and through email for qualified health plans on the federal health insurance Web site at  Learn more...

Health reform makes it easier than you think to find affordable and reliable health insurance. Browse the state-by-state listings on each state insurance exchange to find choices with secure online pricing and then take advantage of the personal and professional OnlineAdviser enrollment support to answer questions about all types of health insurance benefits.

Through the resource network of the Web sites supported by OnlineAdviser and OnlineNavigator, we have helped more than a million benefit plan members in all 50 states and DC since 1987.

Over a million online insurance enrollments since 1997.
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There are many health plan choices available today but how do you know who to trust for the best advice in making the best choice?
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Small business benefits

Freedom Benefits brings more than 25 years experience of service for affordable health plans and related benefit plans for small business clients located in every state across the U.S. We do not believe that it is necessary for employers to drop health plans in response to health reform. Let us show some cost-saving options that can work for your small business.

For 2014, we offer FREE self-administered Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans as well as HRAs FSA, and HSA health plan setup specifically designed for small firms. These popular benefit plans are available at no additional cost for firms that use an affiliated private insurance exchange.

Download our small business health plan checklist

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Employee benefits educationFreedom Benefits education

Freedom Benefits University offers onsite programs to help get the most from every dollar spent on employee health and retirement programs.

Supplemental Health Insurance

The Freedom Benefits Health Exchange is a primary source of supplemental health insurance designed to fill the gaps left by health reform policies and employer trends toward scaled-down benefit plans. Supplemental insurance is now available on a guaranteed basis at affordable prices through an employer-sponsored plan or on an individual basis throughout most of the country.
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DIY, Agent, or Navigator? What online enrollment method is best for me?

There are five methods of health insurance enrollment support offered through the Freedom Benefits network. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each and how to get started
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